Cheese is a food that is almost as old as human history. Cheese making BC. It is based on 8-9 thousand years. Cheese, which is a fermented milk product obtained by coagulating the milk protein casein with rennet and cheese culture and separating the whey from this curd, is matured and the cheeses that are matured for the periods specific to the cheese type are offered for consumption.

Pasteurization is a method of heat treatment in which enzymes are inactivated, which enables the killing of microorganisms that cause disease and microorganisms that are sensitive to heat that cause food spoilage. While the safety of the food is ensured by pasteurization, minimal changes occur on the properties such as sensory and nutritional quality of the product.

Vacuum packaging evacuates air inside the package before sealing it. The aim here is to increase the shelf life of foods by removing the oxygen in the container and to make the contents take up less space with more flexible package molds. By reducing the remaining oxygen as much as possible, the formation of bacteria is limited and the shelf life is increased from 5 to 10 times.